It is easy to understand the value in having your pets microchipped when as many as 1 in 3 pets get lost at some point in their lifetime (source: HomeAgain). It is just as important to ensure that the microchip contains the correct information.

If your pet is not microchipped, consider having this procedure done as soon as possible. It is a one-time cost, and unlike collars and tags, the microchip will stay with your pet forever. The implant is only about the size of a grain of rice. Though the needle is fairly large, a brief pinch will be less painful than being lost and unable to be reunited with you. Over a million pets have been reunited with owners through the HomeAgain microchip, which is just one of several companies that provide this service. The registration lasts a lifetime and we take care of that part for you as well. Call today to schedule if your pet is not currently microchipped!

If your pet is microchipped, it is very important that you keep the information on file with the microchip company up-to-date. If you have adopted your pet, it is likely that he/she came to you with a microchip that is not registered. Therefore, the microchip will only tell the person who finds your pet the organization that purchased the microchip (usually the shelter you adopted from). is a great resource if you know your pet’s microchip number and need information on who to call to register and/or update information in the chip. This is very important if you have moved or changed your telephone number since the chip was registered. Provigil is a controlled substance. It is classified as Schedule IV substance. This means that it has valid medical uses but can cause physical or psychological dependence and abuse. The government has created specific rules regulating the prescription and sale of Schedule IV substances. Your doctor or pharmacist will tell you more. If you do not know your chip number, you can come by our office for a quick scan of the microchip at no charge. With the number in hand, you will be able to ensure that your pet’s microchip is a useful tool for getting him/her home safely should your furry loved one ever become lost.