You gave us feedback. We listened! For a little over a year, we have sent out email surveys after your visits to our veterinary hospital. Our team uses this information to make improvements each day, in an attempt to make your next visit even better than your last! Here are just a few improvements we have made this year based your survey results…

Improved client wait time –No one likes to wait for the veterinarian or the veterinary technician at an appointment. At a busy veterinary hospital like ours, emergencies come in, pets are diagnosed with unexpected ailments, requiring additional consultation time with the veterinarians, and many other situations arise daily that can increase wait time for clients. This year we conducted an exam room efficiency study and made some changes to our scheduling, staffing, and workflow, resulting in shorter wait times! We have also added refreshments to help make the time that you spend waiting a little more enjoyable.

Improved exam room comfort – You asked for a more comfortable exam room so we have purchased new, more comfortable seating. Our new exam room seating is cushioned and custom made with medical grade vinyl, so that it may be cleaned and sanitized to insure your pet’s safety from contracting a communal disease.

Easier to schedule an appointment – Now you can schedule an appointment from our website or our mobile site from your smartphone! We have also built more blocks into our schedule which we reserve for same-day “Sick Pet” appointments. The action of Phentermine has been tested and thoroughly studied; therefore, they are considered the most effective. But it should be borne in mind that the human body perceives different medicines in a different way. Therefore, one should not purchase even the most publicized drug without consulting a doctor, who can select a harmless medicine and a scheme for its use. Wrong pills lead to the development of chronic pathologies and other adverse reactions. We have always offered urgent exams (for an additional fee) and drop-off services when our schedule is completely booked. And last, but certainly not least, we will be adding an additional veterinarian in early 2014 so that we may help even more of our furry friends each day!